SLPC Construction Alert: December 5 and 6: St. Botolph Street Closing

The work on the Student Life and Performance Center continues to an important next phase involving the assembly and erection of a tower crane on the construction site.

Please note the following information:

Beginning at 3 am, Saturday, December 5, and continuing to 7 pm, Sunday evening, December 6,  St. Botolph Street will be closed to automobile traffic to accommodate a large number of trucks delivering the materials necessary for crane assembly.

What you can expect:

There will be no changes to the current pedestrian traffic flow.  And extra security and police details will be available to assist at the designated crosswalks throughout the day and evening.

For our students in the Residence Hall, expect some banging and back up horns in the early morning hours.  The noise should subside by 7 am.

For our PREP families dropping off students, two drop off areas will be available, as noted on the map below:

–        One area will be designated on Huntington Avenue, in front of the Jordan Hall 290 entrance.  Students may enter there, through the student lounge entrance, or proceed via the sidewalks to their classes/rehearsals;

–        You may turn onto St. Botolph from Mass Ave and you may and proceed just to the entrance of 241 St. Botolph, where you may then make a U turn to exit.  Expect to see signage that says the road is closed to through traffic, but you may enter to drop off your child.  You may also proceed through the alley to access Huntington Avenue.

Please see the diagram below, indicating these two drop off areas.

2015-11-24_NEC_Tower Crane Erection Site Logistics_Rev.4 (NEC) copy
There will be no street parking available on Gainsborough in front of the Residence Hall, from Huntington Ave to St. Botolph.  Traffic will be open on Gainsborough, but there will be no left turn available on St. Botolph.

For student pick up, we encourage you to find parking, as there will be very little accommodation for you to wait for your children, so please plan accordingly.  Due to expected traffic volume, please plan on more time for your commute and an earlier arrival.

For concert patrons attending either the Longwood Symphony Concert Saturday evening, December 5 or the 3 pm PREP concert on Sunday, December 6, the Jordan Hall entrance on Huntington Avenue will also be open.

Please know we are doing everything we can to minimize disruption and maximize our students’ safety as we enter this next phase of construction.  Many thanks for your cooperation.

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