The Annex Makes Way for the SLPC

Dear NEC faculty, staff, and students,

Demolition of the Annex in the St. Botolph parking lot has begun. Most immediately, the “bridge” between this structure and the 241 St. Botolph building, will come down this week. Then the structure itself will be taken down next week.

NEC has put into place safety measures to protect the NEC family and work crew. As of today, then:

  • the parking lot is off limits and is now a construction zone.
  • Anyone entering the construction zone is required to notify Tishman Construction field staff and must wear a hard hat, safety glasses and high visibility vest.
  • The basement doorway entering 241 from the parking lot is closed to all but field construction staff.
  • Anyone entering 241 must use the main doorway.
  • Any NEC staff, administrators or others wishing to tour the construction site should contact Mike Ryan or Karen Kidd to arrange.  

Thank you and be safe.

As always, if you have questions, contact Mike Ryan ( 617-585-1187), Karen Kidd (  617-585-1181) or, until May 29, Ellen Pfeifer ( 617-585-1143).

P.S. Those irreverent Building Ops folks staged their own ground breaking…umm…glass breaking event as a coda to NEC’s official celebration. See photos below.

Before-400px During2-400px During3-400px After-400px

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