Entrance Closure, Parking, Summer Work

Dear NEC Family,

As we move closer to the May start date for construction of the Student Life and Performance Center, you may want to attend the April 9 Open Forum session at 2:30 PM in the St. Botolph Conference Room.  Ed lesser, Mike Ryan, and a representative from Tishman Construction will be on hand to answer your questions.

REMINDER: the main entrance to the St. Botolph Building will be closing April 17 (or possibly a few days before that) in order to construct a handicapped-accessible entry way.
•    During construction, you can access the building from the ground level doorway in the parking lot.
•    PREP students and their families will need to use this parking lot entrance beginning Saturday, April 18.

NEW DATE FOR PARKING LOT CLOSURE: the St. Botolph parking lot, previously scheduled to close on May 1, will now be open until Monday, May 4. This means that College and Prep faculty may use the lot on May 1 and 2.

SUMMER WORK:  Construction crews will complete accessibility upgrades in the St. Botolph Building. These include one handicapped-accessible restroom on each floor. The work will not be as disruptive as last year’s sprinkler project.

LONG RANGE CONSTRUCTION SCHEDULE: Here is the big picture for the building project timetable.

May 4, 2015: Construction Start Date
May 2015—June 2015: Demolition & Site Prep
June 2015—January 2016: Foundations
January 2016—June 2016: Decks
May 2016—August 2016: Structure Steel & Concrete Exterior Façade
May 2016—September 2016: Interior Rough
September 2016—January 2017: Interior Finishes
August 2016—December 2016: Site Improvements
January 2017—March 2017: Start‐Up & Commissioning
Spring 2017: Construction Substantial Completion
Spring/Summer 2017: Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment Installation by NEC
Summer 2017: Ready for Occupancy

As always, if you have questions, contact Mike Ryan (617-585-1187), Karen Kidd
(617-585-1181) or Ellen Pfeifer ( 617-585-1143).

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