The YMCA’s Walls Come Tumbling Down

by necmusic

December 14, Update

The Northeastern GrandMarc project has gotten underway and the YMCA gym is in the process of being demolished to make way for the new 17-story dormitory. (See photo below). Once the exterior walls have been taken down, the construction crew will begin “saw cutting and hoe ramming the foundation,” according to NEC’s Director of Facilities and Operations Mike Ryan. This process will add to noise and dust being produced at the demolition site. Fortunately, much of this work will be taking place while NEC is on holiday break.

YMCA demolition 002

The good news is that all of NEC’s monitors are in place and are sending out regular round-the-clock alerts that report on the level of noise, vibration and air quality.  So far, the demolition work has stayed within the threshold limits established by our expert consultants. Interestingly, the monitors set off a noise “alarm” at 2 am  one night recently–triggered by the siren from a fire engine that was passing by. The consultants who analyze every alert were able to determine that the noise was a fire engine and that no action was required. (see monitor suspended from NEC roof in bottom photo.)

On another, related matter, Mike Ryan reports that during the upcoming break, NEC crews will complete the painting and will install new carpeting in the back section of Brown Hall, so studios, practice rooms, and class rooms in that area will all be refreshed when students and faculty return from vacation.

One ongoing reminder: Please do not attempt to disassemble the soundproofing treatment of windows in the back of Brown Hall.  That has been installed to keep down the noise levels from construction so practice and teaching can go on without disruption.NEC monitor

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