August 27 Update–Part II

by necmusic

ImageMeet Zach Jacobs ’14, trombone major. Each morning, he and stage crewman Julian Couture, are walking the floors of Jordan Hall, noting the status of practice rooms/studios and updating current closures on the information board located at the JH front entrance.  They are also getting progress reports each morning from Steve Derochea, the construction superintendent. Then, between 8 am and 1 pm each day, Zach can be found at a small desk near security to help answer your specific questions about practice room availability. He’ll be happy to assist you!

This morning, the final work on Brown Hall was continuing. Most of the mouldings and trim had been highlighted in a contrasting off-white paint. The crew will be putting the finishing touches on the space this week. Therefore, no events have been scheduled in Brown for Wednesday. Check this space for updated locations of Thursday and Friday events.  

Williams Hall is finished and got its official debut with the orientation luncheon today.


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